Chocolate Chip Cookie Icon!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Leopard ready Cookielicious icon in sizes from 512 to 16px. ICNS, ICOs, PNG and iContainer included. Specially made as a replacement icon for Mac’s open source RSS newsreader Vienna.

Vienna preview

Grab your cookie here

Included the custom vienna unread badge file as well.

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  1. Very nice! The structure is well done. Also nice you choose this kind of unread badge for a rss reader since I’m always distracted by all those red and important looking badges in my Dock. In my opinion the generic red badges should be just on the really important stuff, like Mail and chat. I mean having e.g. the number 100 on a red badge in my dock like it’s the case on the rss-reader makes me feel I will never ever get anything done today. So thanks for this calming badge ;-)

  2. Thank you for the nice comment krema, complety agree on your point about the red badges, I just can’t stand having them there and not checking them out!