Free Daily Calendar Icons Set For CSS

Grab a Zip file with all icons here

With the same motion as the previous post I’m releasing today a new Calendar icon set. This one is meant to be used with CSS for daily post dates. The Set contains 8 Variations, and comes also in both .gif and .png files.

You are free do whatever you want with these icons as long as you don’t share or sell them as your own. A credit note or a link back would be much appreciated. Enjoy!

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  2. Very nice, I look forward to using them.

    Thanks Stacy, I’m glad you like them!

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  9. Dan Halford

    Love them, Matt. Am using them in an intranet project I’m currently developing. Thanks very much for your hard work.

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  16. like it very much! I’d like to use it to make a postcard.

  17. Thnks……..! Going to use it in software interface…..! Thnks again…….