Dynamic To Top WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin automatically adds a dynamic “To Top” button to easily scroll long pages back to the top. It features an intuitive control panel to style and adjust to each website’s style/needs. The button only appears for JS enabled browsers and can be optionally disabled for mobile visitors. Click Here for more information.

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  2. thanks for this tip i will try this plugin …
    good luck with your projects and music :)
    and nice to see made on a mac :)


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  4. Fauzul

    This plugin would be really useful and helpful for my blog readers. Thank you.

  5. Do you have a demo that is active, I don’t see it enabled on your website?

  6. Just have to say that I’m using it on my site… great little plugin. Well done my friend.

  7. I installed this plugin today and it worked for an hour or so and then stopped working. I checked my plug in page and it says it’s activated…but it’s not working. I deactivated it and then reactivated it again…but with no luck..any suggestions?

  8. Hi Matt!

    Very NICE plugin you did there!

    Although there already are several WP plugins adding a scroll to top function, yours is really GREAT.
    Do you know why?
    Because yours is the ONLY one that has clean code.

    I have tried 2 other similar plugins:
    1- http://dynamicwp.net/plugins/scroll-to-top-plugin/
    2- http://htmlblog.net/wp-to-top/

    The no1 is recent and although it works, it seriously degrades your page. I had a clean “green” validated page (http://validator.w3.org/) but activating the plugin generated about 14 errors!

    The no2 is older and not only degrades the page but the pink(!) square is constantly blinking as soon as you scroll even for 1 millimeter. VERY tiring!

    Finally there is yours
    – which does NOT degrade the page code. I rechecked my page after plugin activation (http://validator.w3.org/) and there were not a single error.
    – has a nice smooth on the eyes button icon


    Yeah I know some guys will say they don’t give a damn about page validation or clean code as far as it works. But they’re wrong although it would be too long to say here why they’re not right at least in terms of SEO and visibility.

    Now for the future versions, 1 or 2 options would be HIGHLY appreciated:
    – Possibility to tune the speed of the scrolling (speed to go to top) via WP Dashboard/Settings
    – Possibility to tune WHEN (how many lines) the icon appears via WP Dashboard/Settings
    – Possibility to add our own icon pic via WP Dashboard/Settings

    Ok so it’s a lot and between your job, your busy weekends performing music (I did too), it might be difficult to find the time. Still you could first try the 2 plugins I mentioned, it could give u ideas and save time.

    Then from GREAT, your plugin would become AWESOME even TERRIFIC :-) :-)

    THANKS AGAIN for all the job and keep up the great work!


    • hey jimmy thanks very much for the nice comment, glad you found it useful. I planned to do an upgrade and this encourages me to do it sooner so thank you for that too, will keep in mind for the next update. keep well!

  9. Hi Matt,

    You’re welcome! Thanks for your comment too :-)

    I just found an easy solution to the script “tuning” I was referring to in my previous comment.
    It might help users reading this page:

    Just need to go in WP Dashboard/Plugins/Editor/
    Select Plugin to Edit: Dynamic to Top
    Click on “dynamic-to-top/js/jquery.ui.totop.js” link

    Then you can see the code and tune the 2 following parameters:
    – Increasing the value after min: (default is 200) makes the icon appearing later.
    – Decreasing the value after scrollSpeed: (default is 1200) makes the page scrolling back faster

    This small tutorial could also be added in the readme.txt attached in the plugin and be an alternative to the complex work I was suggesting in my previous comment.
    I feel a bit sorry to have asked so much…Anyway u will see Matt.

    Hope this helps (at least beginners) :-)

    THANKS again Matt!!!

  10. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for this plugin. Just a quick question, can we change the image or have it say something like “click here to scroll to the top”? I know it seems obvious (it is to me) but I’d like to think some of my visitors aren’t exactly “web savvy”. Hope that doesn’t sound condescending but you know what I mean, it’s better to assume people will miss the obvious and point it out for them lol.

    I guess I should just install it and change the image/css. Is it that simple?



  11. For some reason, I can get it to work on some sites, but on my blog it doesn’t link. It shows up as you scroll down, but the link is never present. I’m assuming there’s something either missing or in my theme that’s messing with it. Any idea what it might be?

  12. Hi,

    I was using version 2.0 and got the upgrade notice so I upgraded and it stopped working. So I deleted and re-installed but still no-go. Any ideas. PHP is ver 4.


  13. Eric Chan

    Great plugin, I’ve installed it on my blog & just love it. One thing that always puzzling me is that a lot of wp plugin developers didn’t use their own plugins that they developed on their own sites..wondering what’s the reason..

    • @eric plugin I have no problem on using my plugins here but I honestly make most of these things to improve or ease my work and I like sharing them after since I know some of them can come handy to others, but i don’t feel the need to have all I share activated here on this blog, im not selling any product here, this blog only serves the porpoise of sharing the information. well hope that clarifies and not the other way around :)

    • @alan, glad to hear that, and yes plugin is written for PHP5 only.

  14. Great plugin, I’ve installed it today on one of my site but tuned a bit the button’s position to better suit the theme.
    I slightly changed the value in the css (bottom and right). Now it fits perfect.
    Just thought that 2 lines could be added later in the settings panel. Something like:
    – offset position X (horizontal): px (default is 10)
    – offset position Y (vertical): px (default is 10)
    Although it might be complex to add that.
    Anyway not a big deal, it’s already the best plugin of its kind :-)

    • Hey, glad to hear that thanks Rainbow, will keep in mind for future upgrades :)

  15. NietPlusUltra

    Hi, as v2.1 is no more compatible with php4 it will be better to indicate it… it will help php4 owners not to upgrade it and to keep a functional plugin :-D (and at least you will avoid broken version on WP plugin center).

  16. Thanks, can i change the image?
    if yes, how can?

  17. Nice Job. I have installed and works just fine! But i would like to customize a little the text button. Possible to make the text background colour transparent?

  18. Great plugin and works perfectly with my new theme. I had a ‘return to top’ scroll function previously which was an integral part of the Auroral theme. I have been looking for a similar function for my new site since. I’ve tried other plugins and found this to be the best, good work thanks.

  19. Cool job!

    Is it possible to point the button to a more specific location (the Table of Contents for example) instead of going all the way to the top ?

  20. Andimazlan.com

    Wow. This is the best ever ‘Back to top” plugin after a long search in the net. Thank to the creator and the blog owner for this. It works perfectly and I’m using it now in my blog. Thanks again.

  21. One of the best plugins i’ve used to date. Customised it for my site and works brilliantly. Many thanks to you

  22. alyda

    Great plugin, I do love it. However, it’s conflicting with some of my other JS code (and your plugin no longer works). I’m using Highslide for WordPress Reloaded, Contact Form 7, & Xajax. I didn’t think any would conflict, but I turned off all 3 just to see if that would help, but no luck. Any Idea of how I can fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance

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  24. Boogie

    Hi Matt,
    i would also like to thank you for this plugin.It works perfectly on my current theme.I recently purcased a WP premium theme called Smart Blogger and ,unfortunately,it doesn’t work with it.I suppose there’s a tiny part of the code that needs to be changed …I tryed to contact the author of the theme but so far no luck.I know it’s a long shot but…i would appreciate any info or suggestion. Thanks in advance!!!

  25. Hi Matt,

    Thanks a lot for your plugin. I’m using it on my blog… wouldn’t have been able to make something so beautiful and unobtrusive by myself.

  26. Hi,i want know how do i localize your plugin?
    where should i put this line in your plugin?
    load_plugin_textdomain(‘dtt’, false, basename(dirname(__FILE__)) . ‘/lang’);

  27. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for this awesome plugin. =) But I have a problem getting it to work exactly as this site.

    When the page is scrolled down, it blinks a random amount of times instead of fading in (relative to distance scrolled?); then stays displayed. When you click it, it scrolls up as intended, but once it reaches the top, it keeps blinking again instead of fading – this time, it doesn’t stop blinking – I didn’t wait for it to stop. This happens throughout the site.

    I’m no programmer, but I’m using a TheSource theme by ElegantThemes. The theme uses jQuery too. Maybe they are conflicting?

    Feel free to visit the site and have a look.


  28. Thank you for great plugin! But a have a little trubble… In my case it doesn’t work within ‘Posts’ – on ‘Pages’ only (single page, archives page…)! And doesn’t work on main page. WP 3.0.1. Is it normal? How can I treat this bug (likely of my WPtheme :) )?

  29. Hi Matt, I using your plugin, it’s great, but I can’t change the speed, I tryed several values and it keep with the same speed… The source code of my page (html) is correctly rendered.


  30. lil Chico

    Thank u very very very much for the plugin ! ‘s really useful !

  31. very nice! may i change the color of the image? :) it works on 3.0.2wp too , you should change on the wp page.. the compatible up to, :)

  32. Avondrood

    Thanks for this great plugin! I’ve encountered two bugs, it would be great if these were fixed in a future release:

    1. The button text cannot be altered. In Settings, the correct text is loaded but the text on the button stays “To top”.

    2. On Safari for iPhone and iPad the button does not position itself in the bottom right corner of the screen, but hangs somewhere in the middle.

    Keep up the good work ans thanks again!

  33. Works great! Thank you!

    Would love to be able to change color to match my theme. Any chance of this happening sometime?

  34. Hey Matt! First, thaks for the effort you’ve put in this plugin! I was so happy to finally discover something without bug reports on the wp plugin page:)

    So I downloaded it, installed it and… it just doesn’t work. When I scroll down, the button appears, but nothing happens when I click on it. The button itself jumps sometimes… I tried to change the Easing settings, on linear it worked once, then stopped. Tried to disable other plugins – still no luck.

    I’m running wp 3.04 and php 5.2.5.
    Maybe the wp version is the problem?

    Any suggestions are welcome!

    Thanks for your time!


  35. thx, i like this plugin. that´s what i ever need 4 my next wp themes.
    my theme based on thematic and it your plugin works.
    lovley greetings from bavaria, germany.

  36. Not work well on my blog..the text couldn’t change (still to top even i change it) ..and also the arrow or text go behind the page..you can check my blog. Thanks before

  37. vulgarbulgar

    Excellent plugin. installed on a few blogs, however, seems like the options do not update…- for example, when i change the text from “To Top” to “Top”, it still displays as “To Top”. I attempted removing, and reinstalling the plugin as well.

    also, i had disabled the caching plugin while testing to ensure this wasn’t the issue.

    just a heads up, in case it’s not an isolated issue..

  38. Claudia

    Do you have any documentation on the what the setting options do? I have no idea what the Easing choices mean. I did try to change the Button Text but it did not work either. PS I am a newbie and code-challenged.

    • Hi Claudia,

      You can learn more about the easing functions over here.

      As for the rest, working on a sweet update, more news soon.

      Kind Regards!

  39. Ardeshir

    5/5 stars!! really great plugin you’ve made. Thank You :D

  40. markus

    Version 2.1 worked very well for me, but after upgrading to 3.1.3 the plugin doesn´t work anymore. what is wrong?

  41. Hi Matt!! Your plugin is awesome!!! Is the typical super-useful plugin!!

    it is very complete the last version, but the version 3.1.3 does not work properly. I installed it in various blogs and only worked in one.

    Even so, great work!!!!

  42. Hi again!! I found the error!!

    Your lastest version of the plugin 3.1.3 it doesnt work fine in wordpress 3.1…

    But the version of your plugin 3.0 works perfect in any version of wordpress, checked!!!!

    I expect to be helpful friend


  43. Hi guys, thanks for the feedback, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please update to the latest version as soon as possible.

    Kind regards!

  44. Thanks for the plugin, I love it, makes my work to design wptheme more easiest.

  45. You’re the fuckin’ MASTER!!!

    All the problems fixed!!


  46. Helen

    Hello – I can’t get the plugin to work : ( I updated to latest WP and checked in FF as well as Safari, is there anything else I can try ? Thank you

  47. Helen

    Hello Matt

    We still cant get it to work, anything else we can try ? Thank you

  48. Hi ! your plugin is wonderfull !!
    just one problem : I can’t edit the button margins
    (bootom-left: 20px 20px -> 0px 100px)
    What should I do ?


  49. ramaswamy

    Nice plugin. Thanks for your great ideas

  50. Hello ! First thanks too for this great plugin. The problem is that is not working with WP-Minify. And I can’t exclude the CSS and JS from WP-Minify, because you made all files with .php termination.

    can you please convert the CSS to .css and JS to .js instead .php, in order to get this work with WP-Minify ?

    Best regards.

  51. I love this plug-in. I’ve been using it on both my WP sites for over a year. Only problem is that I just updated to the newest version (Version 3.1.5) on my blog, and now it the button no longer appears in IE 9, but is visible in Chrome and Firefox.

    The older version (Version 3.1.4) that I still have in my other site (http://bassic-sax.ca/version5/), still works in IE 9. Although it never was as pretty in IE 9 as it was in IE 8, since you could never modify button and it was always square.

    • Thanks very much for the feedback. Try updating the settings, it might be the CSS that needs to be regenerated. I will do some more testing anyways,

      Kind Regards!

  52. fatlamer

    Hello Matt and thanks for the awesome plugin….it’s great really :))))
    I’ve made a translation in Bulgarian language and I’ll be glad if you include it in the next version of the plugin :)))

    The translation is here: http://ubuntuone.com/p/17Ox/

    P.S. If there are new strings in the new version, pls mail them to me and I’ll make the translation once again :)))

    Have a nice ones:)))

    Brgds: fatlamer

  53. Amazing! Thanks guys for the translation! will be shipped on the next version of the plugin.

  54. Hi, Matt.
    Plugin wonderful!
    I know IE6, almost no longer exists, but I’m curious:
    Can I disable it for IE6, as the mobile?
    Sorry… :-), and thank you a lot.